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the NEXT MOBILITY thing is coming to town


- Design, develop and test a new concept of electric scooter for shared operations;

- Develop a back end module for operational management and a mobile application for managing the user experience;

-  Develop a scooter connectivity module;

- Develop competing structures with advanced aluminium alloys simultaneously using Additive Manufacturing and casting;

- Demonstrate and validate how the solution can add value to the shared mobility service, creating and involving a pilot test community throughout the product/service design process.

Mobi Development Concept.png
Mobi phases.png


Mobinext is the new P2020 Co-Promotion R&D Project led by the only motorcycle manufacturer in Portugal – AJP Motos – together with Almadesign, CEiiA, CITNM and Wyze that aims to develop, for the next two years, an Electric and Connected Shared Urban Mobility Solution.

CITNM aims to develop an aluminium alloy structure, lighter and stronger, using innovative casting processes and additive manufacturing technologies that can lead to the production of parts with new designs.


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