CITNM promotes first world meeting of the automotive and foundry sectors together

Foundry on Wheels outlined the future of the R & D strategies of the two sectors

The Centre for Innovation and Technology N. Mahalingam (CITNM) brought together, for the first time, important world representatives from the automotive and foundry industry at the Foundry on Wheels (FoW) Congress on 19th and 20th October to discuss and align R&D strategies for the sector.

This meeting allowed us to explore three axes considered essential for the future of the sectors involved: (i) align strategies of the automobile and smelter sectors to anticipate R & D solutions; ii) leverage R & D initiatives in foundries; iii) repositioning the foundry industry in the automotive value chain as a response to market needs and trends. A day and a half of sharing of ideas, knowledge and debate, allowed for a more enlightening view on the future of these two sectors, emphasizing the dichotomy between the electric motor and the internal combustion engine and the evolution in the application of iron and aluminium in the manufacture of components.

The event was attended by several intervening parties representing internationally renowned companies such as Robert Dover, former CEO of Jaguar Land Rover and current SinterCast Member of the Board; Luís Filipe Villas-Boas, Executive President of CAEF and the Portuguese Foundry Association, Götz Mehner, inventor of several patented technical solutions worldwide as Head of the Product Development Department at Continental Automotive; among others.

To join the previous, representatives of CEiiA, CIE Automotive, Clariant, Deloitte, EY, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, GALP, IK4-Azterlan, Juno Racing Cars, Sakthi Portugal, Porsche, Sonafi and Zanardi Fonderie, were also present.

In addition, Foundry on Wheels included presentations of various start-ups technologically linked to the automotive and mobility sectors - Addvolt, Ideia.M, SARKKIS Robotics, Stratio Automotive, XpectralTek and a micro-car project developed by Department of Communication and Art of the University of Aveiro. The congress program also included a visit to Sakthi Portugal SP21 in Águeda.

FoW emerged as a response to one of the vectors of the CITNM's mission - "To promote cooperation among institutions to strengthen R & D" - and will take place every two years, the next congress scheduled for 17 and 18 of October 2019.